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If you wish to make a complaint

You may submit a complaint, if you do not agree with our decision, e.g. if we have rejected your claim for disbursement of a lump sum in the event of certain critical illnesses.

Send your initial complaint to us
Send your complaint to our customer service:

,Customer Service
Langelinie Allé 43
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Attn: Complaints Manager

If you have new information concerning the case, please enclose details. It may affect our decision.

Appeal to the Insurance Complaints Board
If we uphold the rejection, and you still disagree with our decision, you can appeal to the Danish Insurance Complaints Board.

You can do so by going to the Danish Insurance Complaints Board website, ankeforsikring.dk Click "Klageguide" (guide to appealing) and then on No. 3 "Sådan klager du" (how to submit an appeal). You can submit an appeal online, or by downloading and printing an appeal form, then subsequently filling it in and sending it to the Danish Insurance Complaints Board.

Fee payable to the Danish Insurance Complaints Board
You will be required to pay a fee of DKK 200 to the Danish Insurance Complaints Board for processing your appeal.

EU Commission appeals portal
If you live abroad, it may be relevant to use the EU Commission's appeal portal. You can also use this if you live in Denmark. You can find the EU Commission's appeals portal here