Who will inherit from you?

It would be a good idea to decide who is to receive your pension and your inheritance. There is a difference as to who can receive your pension and who can inherit your other belongings.

If you marry, have children or get divorced, then you should check who inherits from you again.

Choose who is to receive your inheritance

Who is to receive your pension?
You can decide who is to receive the money from your pension scheme. If you do not designate any beneficiaries, the benefits will automatically pass to your next of kin. If you are married, then your partner will receive the money.

See the order for next of kin and how you can change who will receive your pension

Who is to receive your other belongings?
Maybe you have other belongings apart from your pension that you would like to pass on - for example a car or private savings?

If you want to decide who will receive your other belongings then you can draw up a will. As a member of PensionDanmark this service is offered for free.

See how you can draw a will