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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file containing text that is stored on your computer, telephone or tablet when you visit a website. A cookie does not contain software or a virus.

Some cookies are temporary and are deleted automatically when you shut down your computer. Others are stored on your computer for longer. The common factor for all cookies is that their duration is renewed each time you visit a website.

At pensiondanmark.com, no personal data about you will be collected. If any of your information is published, it will only be in a collective and anonymised form, e.g. information about the total number of visitors to a website in a month.

Which type of cookies do we use?

Omniture Analytics web analysis cookies

When you visit our website, we register how you navigate around our pages. We do this in order to be able to improve our website, e.g. by making it easier to find the most popular pages.

We do not pass on personal information to Omniture Analytics or any other third party. 

Which type of information do we register about visitors to our site?

We record information such as:

›      Your IP address

›      Searchwords entered in the search engine

›      The pages of information you have viewed 

      The language you select

How to delete cookies

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