What will you be paid when you retire?

When you reach retirement age, funds will be disbursed from several different places. The state pension provides a basic amount for everyone. On top of the state pension is ATP, supplementary pension benefit and the funds you have saved up yourself, for example in PensionDanmark.

Most manage to save up several hundred thousand kroner before they retire. However, it is difficult to know how much the funds will actually cover, when you have to live as a retiree.

Get an overview
We have created a system where you can view all of your savings at once. So you can see a picture of what you will receive during the first year of retirement.

In this way you can see whether everything is correct or whether it is perhaps a good idea to set aside additional savings.

Much can change
It is important to remember that the figures can change significantly before you retire. For example, you may get a new job where the pension contribution is higher or lower.

Here you can see an overall picture of your pension