Opt-in scheme

If you are covered by a collective agreement with an opt-in scheme, your company contributes a proportion of your wages to a special opt-in scheme (fritvalgsordning). Other types of the opt-in scheme could be public holiday payment/special holiday payment and special savings accounts. You can choose to contribute these funds to your pension.

It can be advantageous to contribute the amount from the opt-in scheme to your savings

  • If you were late starting to contribute to your pension, it can be advantageous to allocate the funds to your pension savings account. You will then have greater financial freedom when you begin life as a pensioner.
  • When the funds are contributed together with the normal pension contribution, you avoid charges and extra costs.
  • The deadline for submission is Wednesday 30 November 2016.

About the opt-in scheme

The opt-in scheme is created in connection with the collective agreement negotiations. According to the collective agreement, a percentage of the wage is to be contributed to a special opt-in scheme that the employees manage themselves. The funds can either be disbursed, used for extra days off or contributed to the pension scheme.

Download the form for the opt-in here