For shop stewards

As a shop steward it is good to know when and how your colleagues can receive help via their pension scheme.

The pension scheme with PensionDanmark is comprised of savings and certain insurance policies. Pension savings help to ensure that your colleagues' finances are healthy when they retire. Insurance policies provide financial assistance for those who become seriously ill or receive disability pension.

Most members of PensionDanmark also have access to our health scheme. They can receive help for both physical and psychological problems.

You can read more about the pension scheme on this page under the three categories of savings, insurance policies and health.

Log in to see an overview
Your colleagues can get a quick overview of their pension by logging in to Among other things, they can see:

  • The extent of the savings and approximately how much they will receive when they retire
  • How much your employer has contributed to the pension scheme, month by month
  • How much they will be disbursed if they receive a disability pension or get a critical illness

Help your employees through by showing them around our demo version: All of the information in this version is fictitious.