Get assistance from PensionDanmark's advisors

Here are 10 questions concerning your pension scheme that our advisors will be able to help you with:

How am I and my family protected if anything serious happens to me - and is it enough?

Who is provided with a payment in the event of my death (beneficiary of the scheme)?

Which types of savings do I have - are they suitable for my disbursement options?

If I continue to pay in as I am now, how much will be disbursed when I retire – and is it enough?

Which investment risk profiles can I choose from?

How much do I pay in administration charges?

What is my return?

Do I have pension schemes with several companies - how much does this cost me in administration charges?

Do I have a health scheme, and what can I use it for?

How do I keep myself informed about my scheme - via e-Box? Can I receive tailored advice when I find something relevant to me?

Here are 5 questions that are important to consider, and that you can receive advice about:

What financial cover do you wish to have for your family if you die?

What financial cover do you wish to have for yourself and your family if you lose your earned income?

How do you wish your pension to be disbursed when the time comes – are flexible disbursement options important to you?

Have you saved up enough in relation to your age – or do you need to begin saving more?

Do you have an investment profile/risk suitable for you?

You can contact PensionDanmark's advisors on weekdays between 08:00 am and 9:00 pm on tel. +45 7012 1330 or by e-mail: