Typical questions

How does Prompt Diagnosis work?

You can obtain a quicker assessment of your medical condition because we help you arrange an appointment at a private clinic. This means that you can skip the waiting time that may occur if you first have to be examined by a specialist in the public system.

Once you have your diagnosis, you will receive treatment in the public system. One of our nurses will maintain contact with you throughout the process. Then you will receive advice and guidance about your treatment and rehabilitation therapy, if necessary.

Why do you need my referral?

When you want to use Prompt Diagnosis, we need your referral to be able to find exactly the right specialist for you.

When you submit your referral at pension.dk, it is done via a secure connection, ensuring the confidentiality of your detalis.

Will I be treated at a private hospital?

No, you will receive treatment in the public system. Only the examination will take place at a private clinic or a private hospital.

If you need rehabilitation therapy, you can use the types of treatment offered under your health scheme.