Typical questions

How much do I pay for administration?

In 2022, you will pay DKK 297 to have your pension administered by PensionDanmark.

The price is the same for all members of PensionDanmark.

What will it cost to transfer my pension?

Whether or not you transfer your savings to or from PensionDanmark, we do not charge for this service.

Please note, however, that the company you are transferring your funds to or from may charge for this service.

How much will I pay for my insurance policies?

The price of your insurance policies will depend on the type of insurance cover you have and how much you are insured for.

The cost of the scheme will be deducted from your savings each month. When you change your insurance policies, you will be able to see the price before and after the change, before you decide.

Here you can see what you pay in administration charges