Typical questions

Which illnesses entitle me to receive disbursements from my insurance?

Your insurance covers some specific critical illnesses.

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If you are in doubt about whether your illness is covered, you can call us on +45 7012 1335

Can you report a critical illness too late?

No, there is normally no deadline for notifying us of a critical illness. Although several years have passed since you became ill, you can still apply for a lump sum from your insurance. Naturally, this requires that you also had the insurance when you were diagnosed.

The only exception is if the individual dies before PensionDanmark receives the application for disbursement of critical illness insurance. Then the application will be too late and the funds cannot therefore be disbursed.

How can I receive compensation in the event that I suffer a critical illness?

You must apply for compensation yourself. You can do so here at pension.dk.

You will receive notification from the Danish Health Authority if you suffer from a critical illness that is covered by your insurance policy. PensionDanmark cooperates with the Danish Health Authority so that you do not miss out on the benefits you have the right to receive.

Specific rules define when a diagnosis of a critical illness is consided valid. What does this mean?

Depending on which critical illness is involved, specific rules define when a diagnosis is considered valid. The rules help to ensure that the diagnosis is made in the correct way. They also ensure that the funds are received by people who are seriously debilitated by their illness. For example, if the illness is life-threatening.

Call us on +45 7012 1330 if you have questions.

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For a detailed description of our requirements with respect to each disease covered by the insurance, please see PensionDanmark’s insurance terms and conditions. Please go to the section called 'Appendix to D - Specification of certain critical diseases'

Here you can read more about the specific rules defining when a diagnosis of the different critical illnesses is considered valid

Where can I get support and advice?

If you get a critical illness, you will no longer be automatically enrolled in a relevant patient association.

If you need help, please contact our nurses and social workers on +45 7012 1335. They can guide you, so that you get the support and advise needed.