Have any changes occurred in your life?

Each time major changes occur in your life, it is a good idea to check your pension. This may perhaps mean that you need to change your insurance policies or increase savings.

For example, this could be when:

  • you purchase a house
  • you have children
  • you get married or divorced
  • your children leave home
  • you lose your job

Make sure you cover yourself and your family
When you purchase a house or have children, you will have additional expenses every month. Regardless of whether you spend your money on nappies or a mortgage, it is a good idea to consider whether you are saving enough so that there will be enough headroom in your finances when you retire.

You can also consider whether your insurance policies are set high enough so that there is enough financial surplus in the family in the event that you suffer a critical illness or die. In contrast you may perhaps have no use for such large sums if you have not started a family.

If you require help to assess whether you should change your pension scheme, you can call us on +45 7012 1330.