How are you investing my savings?

As a member of PensionDanmark, your savings are invested in 'age-indexed pools' in which the risk is gradually reduced after you turn 41 years of age.

Until you turn 41 years of age, almost 50 percent of your savings will be invested in shares. 30 percent is invested in corporate bonds, property and infrastructure (such as wind farms). Only 20 percent of your savings are invested in standard bonds.

As you grow older, we invest more of your savings in stable investments such as bonds, for example. And when you turn 65, for example, only 25 percent of your funds are invested in shares.

If you wish to change how your funds are invested, you can use Free Pool Selection to decide how you want to invest your savings yourself. For example, this could be 100 percent in shares.

You can also choose a product with a higher or lower risk. PensionDanmark will then still manage how your pension savings are invested.